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Difference Between Bail And Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds and bail are used interchangeably by many people. Although they are both important features of the judicial process relating to the release of an accused from jail, they mean very different things. When someone is arrested, they may be eligible for bail. Bail is set during a bail hearing by a judge or […] Read More

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Considerations For Choosing A Bail Bondsman

Choosing a bail bondsman is one of the most important decisions to be made during the criminal proceedings by a defendant or their family. While bail bondsman rates can not fluctuate, the quality of the bail bonds experience may differ greatly depending upon which bail bondsman is doing the job. It is vital to choose […] Read More

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Jail and Bail Procedures

When a person is arrested and placed in the custody of a jail, the jail location, the bail procedures, and the time periods for booking and release are highly dependent upon the city or community where the arrest occurred. The bail amount is set by either a judge or by the jail personnel using a […] Read More

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Bail Vs. Pretrial Release

A trend has been occurring over the past 20+ years. This trend has been occurring in every state throughout America. What is this trend? It is called various names but most commonly it is called “”Pretrial Release””. Our nation’s “”Justice System”” has contained “”bail”” as an integral part since inception. Reasonable bail is addressed even […] Read More

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The History of Bail Bond Process

Our legal system is built upon the idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty. A defendant is given legal representation if they are unable to afford their own counsel and time to prepare a defense against the charges. During this process the defendant, in most cases, is allowed their freedom by utilizing the […] Read More

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What Are Bail Bonds?

Regardless of the popularity of many cable TV shows depicting the daily lives of those in the bail bonds industry, many people are unclear as to what they actually are. The term bail bond, also referred to as a bondsman, is the person or company that posts bail for a jail inmate for a price. […] Read More

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Bail Bonds: How it Works

Bail bonds are primarily legal documents that act as a weapon to secure a person who has been arrested and put in the prison for a criminal activity. These legal documents clearly state that the accused is seeking bail on the mentioned clauses and bail money as settled between the arresting authority and the accused. […] Read More

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How To Find A Quality Bail Bondsman

If you are contacted by a friend or loved one who has been arrested, you’ll need to find out where he is incarcerated and the amount of bail that has been set. Speak with the booking officer, either by phone or in person, and ask for help in finding a bail bondsman (assuming you are […] Read More

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Bail Bonds: A Legal way to Protect Rights

While in prison, many people seek temporary freedom through bail bonds. Bail bonds are legal documents that are mainly drafted in a form of contractual undertakings between the defendant and the bail bondsman. This legal document indicates that the bail bondsman will take the responsibility of the defendant to appear in court when summoned at […] Read More

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